Clinical Research Centre Expert for Skin


The CPCAD is a Clinical Research Centre Expert in Dermatology and Cutaneous Pharmacology which performs human subject Clinical Research studies concerning SKIN and its annexes (HAIR and NAILS).  The centre is housed in the Archet 2 University Hospital Centre of Nice.


The CPCAD is specialised in the evaluation of topical forms.


The CPCAD is authorised by the French Health Authorities for evaluation of


  • ž  DRUGS


The Centre is also authorised by the Minister for Higher Education and for Research as a unit performing research and development (R&D) eligible for the Research Tax Credit (Crédit d’Impôt Recherche). 





The top 4 in 2017

Psoriasis Plaque Trial (PPT)

Clinical efficacy and local safety in patients with plaque psoriasis

Multiple intraindividual comparions on minizones with products applied in normal conditions of use and maximal compliance over 4 weeks versue reference. 

Clinical trial dedicated to proofs of concept, dose finding and clinical equivalence.

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Protection against visible light

Evaluation of the protection factor in visible light.

Innovant method developed by the research center to assess the protective efficacy of sunscreens against visible light in the visible light spectrum.

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Local safety on sensitive skin

Tolerance and cosmetic acceptability of topical products on a sensitive skin panel selected on the basis of a specific questionnaire and positivity of a stinging test (lactic acid or capsaicin). 

Selection of products for sensitive skin or hypersensitive skin diseases. 

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Bioequivalence of topical generics

In vivo bioequivalence study in line with the EMEA/FDA recommendations using the skin blanching/vasoconstriction assay on healthy skin (McKenzie-Stoughton).

Pilot Phase: 12 healthy subjects tested with the reference alone. Contact duration determinantion to be used for the generic versus reference comparison.


Phase pivotale: Approximately 70 subjets (depending on the reference molecule). Comparison of the generic versus the refernce product in the conditions determined by the pilot phase.

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ž   Consisting of highly qualified specialists, the CPCAD management team has more than 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. The knowledge of industry imperatives enables the team to understand and integrate their partners’ requirements in terms of deadlines, costs and quality of results.

ž   We aim to establish a personalised partnership with each Sponsor by being actively involved in the advancement of her/his projects whilst maintaining the strictest respect of confidentiality.

ž   The CPCAD works in close collaboration with a permanent panel of professionals selected over the years for their expertise and quality of service.