The CPCAD, in strict conformity with the regulatory requirements of the EU and USA, performs all early-phase clinical studies required for the preparation of marketing authorisation application dossiers for dermatological products.


The CPCAD can be much more than a simple, experienced provider.


We can advise, offer personalised solutions, give an expert view of your products, assist, as it were, their first steps in man and give you objective advice on their performance observed in the tests.

We are well versed in the performance of most of the dermatology reference products since we have been using them for years.

We will remember your needs, your specific requirements, your company’s working methods even if your projects do not bring you to work with us regularly. Mutually, that allows us to gain time whilst responding to your needs in the most pertinent way.

We can already offer a certain number of experimental models likely to reproduce or approach the physiopathology of your target pathology. These proof of concept models performed on mini-zones permit multiple intra-individual comparisons and can be tailored to the dose and vehicle selections involved.

We are particularly interested in “made-to-measure” studies and are ready to develop all types of investigation which can enable the profiling of an innovative product.





The CPCAD offers all levels of support, ranging from performing a simple clinical study to complete project management starting from preparation of the protocol through to the writing of the clinical report and even its publication.



In addition to performing your clinical study, you can delegate us to undertake:

  • The development of the Protocol and its appendices
  • The essential document writing
  • The regulatory authorisation request (by delegation)
  • The organisation of non-clinical sub-contraction
  • The development of the Case report Form (printed or electronic)
  • The analyses (image, statistics)
  • The presentation of your “Top line results”
  • The production of the study report according to your standard format
  • The scientific publication of your results



We can also:

  • Help you with the recruitment of a monitor who is specialised in dermatology, trained in the specifics of clinical studies concerning topical forms, based in the region (minimised costs), GCP qualified.
  • Manage a clinical dermatology project not performed by the CPCAD but by a different research unit or by private practitioners.
  • Co-ordinate a multi-centre project.
  • Intervene as an expert with the Authorities, or help you in the preparation of responses to questions posed by those Authorities.
  • Produce or review regulatory documents destined for the Authorities (French or English).
  • Undertake the translation from French to English by a scientific, native English speaker.

Prepare a literature review of a subject that you are possibly interested in researching. 

Why to choose the CPCAD

  1. The Centre’s activities are wholly dedicated to the skin.
  2. Being located within a hospital confers better safety conditions on the studies performed.
  3. The size of the team permits flexibility and adaptability.
  4. The expertise is considerable and the team well established. The team dedicate their expertise to your projects and respond to your questions based on their wide experience.
  5. Local collaboration with other hospital research structures strengthens the skills base.
  6. The partnership is active beyond simple service.
  7. Confidentiality is the golden rule.
  8. Early phases are willingly monocentric. You benefit from analyses performed in situ without transport difficulties.
  9. Recruitment is easy and rapid, often in just a few days.
  10. We are situated just fifteen minutes from Nice International Airport


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