• ž   Directed by a Dermatologist qualified in Pharmacology, the Centre undertakes all types of clinical studies aimed at evaluating the tolerance and/or pharmacological activity of new dermatological treatments or treatments administered by the percutaneous route.
  • ž   Over twenty years, our teams have encountered almost all the domains of Dermatology. Latterly, our experience in hair and nails has been reinforced by the use of new digital technologies devoted to the image and image analysis.
  • ž   Protocols have been developed and validated in order to support proofs of concept offering our partners the opportunity of testing new entities, concepts or galenic innovations under optimised conditions and shortened lead times. Thus, the Psoriasis Plaque Test (PPT) recognised for its predictive capacity and internal reproducibility allows our partners to start development phases on a sound basis.
  • Based on the growing use of image techniques, a particular emphasis has been placed on the development of image analysis tools aimed at extracting pertinent information and translating it in a quantitative manner for analysis.



  • ž   The managers consist of collaborators qualified in the Life Sciences particularly concerned with pharmacokinetic and/or pharmacodynamic objectives. Each project is headed by a coordinator assisted by a back-up and technicians trained in specific clinical and instrumental evaluations.
  • ž   The Centre is recognized for the expertise of Luc DUTEIL, physicist, expert in photobiology who coordinates all projects involving the interaction of skin and light.
  • ž   Being located in a hospital setting gives immediate and direct access to the different hospital laboratories and to collaborations with the care services.
  • ž   Exchanges with Professor Jean-Philippe Lacour’s team and the Dermatology Service, energise and enrich the projects. They enable thematic collaborations on fundamental studies in particular in the domain of cutaneous pigmentation (Professor Thierry Passeron).



  • ž   The Centre’s principle collaborators have been working with us for many years which confers a wealth of previous experience and quality of training.
  • ž   Within a project, it is always the same trained personnel who perform the totality of your evaluations - by type of evaluation.
  • ž   The team is sensitive to each partner’s specific requirements and to the strict confidentiality which is imposed on the performance of all of our activities.
  • Over time the team has developed specialisations, thereby ensuring that you will find for each indication the same informed interlocutor(s) alert to your requirements.




Should you encounter unexpected difficulties during the implementation of your project, we can in the vast majority of cases adapt to your new planning and re-programme the realisation of a study (excluding seasonal incompatibilities).


We commit ourselves to realistic deadlines that we respect regardless of the type of package.